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  • Maximum capacity is 36 people
  • 12 Triple Cabins with box beds,air conditioning, minibar and private bathroom
  • Broad and comfortable Restaurant with a bar,Regional food is served in every meal of the day
  • Living room with TV,Air conditioning, Table for games,bar and a snack isle
  • Two Decks Solari, One with 02 jacuzzi pools eaxh with a 10 people capacity, shower, sun bathing chairs and the other with a barbecue and a totally equipped gourmet space and lavatory
  • Prepaid Rural cellphone Vivo MT (has some restrictions of location and time for the signal)and WIFI available onboard on several locations along the course 
  • 16 boats of 6 meters and 30 HP 2 stroke with rotating chair, beavarege box, rowing, passaguá, anchor and the most important, a sashimi kit for onboard tasting of the fish, while still fishing.
  • 16 experienced pilots trained for amateur and sport fishing.
  • kitchen with a balenced menu with several regional dishes, with red and fish meat in ALL meals of the day, piranha bouillon,sashimi,01 welcome barbecue on saturday and a farewell babecue on thursday, breakfast with more than 20 items, along with a good variety of fruits and juices. The snack isle is available at all times when on board.

  • general beverages , we serve local bottle beer from the Original, Brahma e Skol brands,the canister beer is served from Skol and Brahma and if the gruop should want a specifc type of beer it should be discussed prior to the beggining of the trip(hot beverages will still be provided according to the informed group profile, and only the red label whisky will be limited to 08 bottles and wine to 12 bottles foolowing the saint helens pattern),baits(right for the time and need of the group and at least 02 types),no fuel usage limit,breakfast, lunch,dinner,snacks,01 pilot with a 6 meter boat for each pair if the group is composed of up to 32 people, if the group has 33 to 36 people we will switch to bigger 3 seater boats to respect the 16 boat/pilot limit.

Transfer Cuiabá/Porto Cercado/Cuiabá in a big bus.

 P.S: fishing gear not included , neither is the fishing license. However we have those available at the on board store at a fair price.


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